Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So I still haven't saved the world. Yet.

Anyone who has followed my blog for any significant amount of time is aware of the fact that I separated from my husband in December of last year. Well before I got in to the whole schpeel let me give you a quick timeline of the last 9 months of my life mmmk?

December 27,2008-Bill(husband) and I separate.

December 31,2008-First date with Donnie(boyfriend)

January 5,2009-Tell Donnie I still love my husband and I want him back. Bill moves back in.

January 7,2009- WHOA what the fuck was I thinking, I cant be married to this man. Bill moves out. Back together with Donnie

February 28,2009- Donnie and I just aren't working out. Still love my husband, going to give it one more shot.

March 13,2009- Marriage fails once again and Bill moves back out. Back with Donnie.

March 27,2009- Move in to a cozy little home in the city with Donnie and our children.

March-August- Aside from here and there arguments things are seemingly well for Donnie and I.

And that takes us to the present, HOLY SHIT. Wait, are you still here. Take a xanax, It may help with the overwhelming urge you are getting to call the Jerry Springer show right now. ANYWAY, Donnie and I have decided to separate. we are still TOGETHER but we are living separately for right now. We both have some things that we need to work on but we need to work on those things alone, that way when we do eventually move back in together things are far less hectic.

So,yes, now I am living in my parents home that they so graciously opened to Sophia and I and I am thankful to them for that. And lucky YOU, I will be writing SO much more now that I have a WORKING computer. You're jumping for joy, like literally, right now aren't you? Right on.

Oh, and PS. My divorce is final on September 22nd. I expect bottles of Jack Daniels and xanax to arrive at my door as celebratory gifts. Mmmk Thanks.



Totally_Toni said...

I am glad to see you here again :) I know things will work out for you and beautiful Sophia