Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Updates on Sophie

This child, I tell you, Is going to give me a heart attack with her almost 3 year old antics. I won't even go there right now, My heart is to fraile. Anywho, Sophie saw the GI for a check up yesterday, everything went fabulous. Doc thinks that the chronic constipation is caused by a behavioral witholding of the poops. Like, Maybe one time she ate to much cheese and was constipated and it hurt to go so in her mind she has that it hurts so she holds her potty until she is backed up and its very painful. I always knew my kid would be full of shit..... So, I'm going to mention it to her behavioral therapist and see if we can't come up with a plan to help her know it's ok to poop!

She had her ENT appointment today. First things first, he saw no cheese in the nasal cavity! WOOT!(If you have no clue wtf I mean by that read this) So she goes on November the 11th for her tonsils and adenoids to be removed. They are also going to do a nasal cautery to stop her frequent bloody noses. Hmmm..... other than that the only other big appointment we have coming up is the platelet transfusion on the 28th of this month.

One day, I swear it, one day my baby will be completely free of all this medical mayhem and live a normal life.



JLT6907 said...

once everything is over with i think you'll have a brand new child! I'm hoping for your and Sohpie's sanity at least!

Yasmine said...

I hope everything goes well!
Tell me about constipation, i tihnk my daughter is haivng the same issue-withholding and its drivng me insane, prunes arent working :s she seems bloated-and i swear her belly button isnt as innie as before. My daughter is full of shit too =]~