Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The adventures that are Sophia.

So. Sophia had a platelet transfusion set up to start at noon today. Well. It didn't quite happen that way.Let me explain why.

It was about 10:30 so I decided that we were going to have an early lunch so we could arrive a little early.So, I make Sophie and I a couple of sandwiches and I go down the hall to put the rest of my load in the wash. *SIGH*

I walk in to the dining room to find that my maniac of a lovely daughter has taken the slice of american cheese off of her sandwich and....Are you ready for this? Shoved it UP HER NOSE. Along with a few hunks of bread. O....M....G. Im freaking out. I grab the disney princess flashlight and I grab some tweezers and I wrestle the child to the ground to try and look up her nose. I can barely see the bread and the cheese anymore and she was starting to complain that is hurt. FUCK. So, I call the pediatrician. They have a nurse call me and the nurse says to go to the ER. OMG, WHAT!? I CAN'T, freaking she has a VERY important procedure scheduled! Yeah, but it was our only choice apparently. they said it could travel in to her sinus cavity and get infected and cause all kinds of problems. So I VERY hesitantly cancel the transfusion. They say if we can make it by 1pm that they would still go on with starting the transfusion.

So, off we were to the ER to get my child De-cheesed. We arrive and my precious angel REFUSES to take off the halloween bucket on her head that she has been wearing for two days claiming it is her HAT. Ok, whatEVER. I am picking my battles.Wear the damn bucket, bucket head. So we get there and we wait. we wait a little more and then we are seen. The doctor used a scope to look in her nose and she said that she could see the big globs of cheese and bread. So she leaves and comes back like forever later with this little machine that had a teeny hose attached to it. they stuck the tube up her nose(while 3 nurses and I held her down) and suctioned the gelatinized mess out of there. Her nose bled for like 2 and a half hours BC of the fact that there was CHEESE and BREAD in there. But she's is fine. We never made it to her appointment so she now goes in on the 28th. Never a dull moment, eh?



Wendi said...

OMG Heather!!! I am glad she is better, and good luck with the transfusion!!

Yasmine said...

OMG! Ive had my son stick a little rock up his nose from the park, i had no idea until i gave him a bath, i told him to blow his nose and out cmoes a little rock! I freaked out, thankfully i didnt have to go to the ER
Im glad shes fine! Kids-I swear they just cant let your plans run smoothly!! the 28th will be here before you know it!

Heather B. said...

LOL Yasmine! I tried everything to get that cheese out of there but it was all gooey and stuck and....well... you get the idea!!! LOL!

Lauren said...

OMG! Who'd a thought cheese and bread could do so much damage!

I'm glad she is ok though.

Mommy notes:
1. Don't leave the sandwich out without supervision- CHECK!

3 Kids and Us said...

Kids do some crazy things! The most important tool you'll ever need is a turkey baster. My son shoved a m&m up his nose when he was a toddler so far I couldn't get it with tweezers. I got on the phone in a panic with my mom (nurse) and she tells me to calm down and get the turkey baster. I thought she was joking but it worked like a charm. It sucked that little candy right out of his nostril.

Trish said...

I would have DIED! BTW- I have an award for you on my site! http://sweetnsassygirls.blogspot.com/2008/10/awards.html