Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Little good clean fun with Aquadoodle and Bath Blizzard! (Review)

When we first received the Aquadoodle Draw and Doodle Mat and the Bath Blizzard I quickly tore open the boxes thoroughly excited to try them out! These fun products from Spinmaster are an innovative way for your preschooler to enjoy play time and tub time without the messes and tantrums that can sometimes be associated with the two!

Bath Blizzard from Kid Kleen:

Spinmaster is excited to launch Kid Kleen, a new line of kids bath toys guaranteed to make getting clean fun for your kiddo!

The Bath Blizzard is a super fun bath time toy that instantly creates a fun bubbly foam with just the turn of a knob. Mounted from the faucet of your tub, the bath blizzard quickly produces a 'waterfall' of soapy fun!

What I,as a mom, loved most about this product is that it is the solution used to fill the tank is SAFE. Kid Kleen products are safe for all children as they are Non-toxic,WHEAT free,Tear free and Hypo-allergenic. You can be at ease knowing that you are using a product that is ophthalmologist and pediatrician approved.

Sophie was quite impressed with this toy. She was instantly squealing delightfully as the bubbles started flowing in to the tub. I was worried BC Sophie has extremely sensitive skin. Ive tried sensitive skin bubble bath products before and they always seemed to leave her rashy! THIS however did not! The only complaint I would say I have about the Bath Blizzard is that I can't seem to keep Sophie out of the bath now! We definitely give The Bath Blizzard Two Thumbs up!

Aquadoodle Draw and doodle mat from Spinmaster:

If there is one thing Sophie loves it's definitely drawing! The minute she laid eyes on the Aquadoodle Draw and doodle she was super excited and could not wait to get to drawing.

Although Sophie is fairly advanced in her drawing skills she is still 2 and a half and we have had our fair share of coloring on the wall incidents! What I love about this mat(one of the many things I love!) is that there is no ink involved! NONE! The only thing needed for this is water!

The mat itself is 36X36in and is bordered with step by step illustrations to help your little one learn to draw simple pictures. With this mat my two year old has mastered drawing a little girl "stick" person. Quite an accomplishment for her age!

Spinmaster definitely has a great product on their hands with Aquadoodle. The durable and re-usable mat is sure to be used over and over for hours of mess free fun! At the age appropriateness of 2+ Aquadoodle is sure to spark your little ones imagination and creativity!

The Bath blizzard(MSRP $19.99) and the Aquadoodle draw and doodle mat(MSRP $24.99) are available at most major retailers(Find them in the toy aisle).

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JLT6907 said...

YAY! looks like she had tons of fun! My kids had an aquadoodle a couple years ago, and they absolutely loved it! Im gonna have to get one for Heather, too.