Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh what a week it has been!

So, I have bronchitis. That, actually has been the highlight of my week. Sophie has strep again. My God I wish that child could stay healthy. Yeah, then, Bill calls me Friday morning at 10:30am. "I'm on my way home. I just got fired." Uh. Whaaaaaaat?! I'm sorry I don't think I heard you correctly, you got FIRED?! "Yup, I got fired".

Holy frickin eh. So, apparently like a week and a half ago he had hung a speaker at a bar (he is a low voltage electrician for a company that owns and services arcade and bar top games and ATMs and jukeboxes.) Anyway. He hung the speaker. TWO days later, TWO DAYS, a screw in the mount kit snapped and the speaker fell and almost hit a bartender. His boss said that they can't take any risks like that and he had to let him go. UM. FIRST OF ALL, if the speaker falling is ANYONES fault freaking blame the manufacturer who made the screws dude. And SECOND of all, Mr. boss man, your son got a DWI on the job, in a work truck, at noon, on his lunch. But he still works there, he sure does Mr. Boss Man.

Ugh, so on his way home he stopped and filed for unemployment. Came home and sent his resume out to several companies. My God I hope he gets something SOON. This was the LAST thing we needed financially.