Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day on the farm- When ducks attack- Again

So, you may remember, a few months back I had a little scuffle with a demonic duck on steroids. This duck is such an ass, Let me tell you.

Well, Sophia and I went to the park Saturday with hot dogs and a loaf of bread to feed the fish and the ducks. So we go to the first pond. We feed the ducks, No fish got the hot dog bc the maniac ducks ate them all. Anyways, We head over to the lake and the ducks out in the lake swimming see us and start heading our way for a snack. They hop out of the water, these sweetie ducks are eating the bread out our hands, it was good times. And then I saw him. I saw the demonic steroid freak duck swimming my way. There was no denying his bright orange bill and eyes. Oh and the fact that he is like mutantly gigantic. He swaggers out of the water, spots a stray piece of bread on the groun and heads for it. I grab Sophies hand and we started slowly backing up.

Freak duck eats his bread and rears up at me, spreads his wings and starts charging me hissing at me!!! Uh. Shit. So, I grab Sophie and start running from it. And then...OMG. Freak duck turns around and JUMPS IN MY STROLLER and starts attacking my loaf of bread that I had sitting in the seat. Ho-ly shit. So here comes a good samaritan to my rescue and he starts yelling at freak duck and grabs my stroller and he finally falls out. Thank you Mr. Nice passerby.

Freak duck eating my bread before he lost his damn mind.

Mr. Nice passerby saving my stroller and bread.



Reece said...

lol! That is freaky...and i agree with susan...maybe its time to stay away from ducks!

Gina said...

LMFAO I was wondering where the pics were, leave it to you to be attacked and still get pictures of what's going on =o)