Saturday, July 19, 2008

Poop for thought

Ha! Let me tell you a little story.

Today Sophie and I had a day free from any therapies or doctors appointments. Usually she is so tired after going to a therapy or appointment that she will crash come nap time and sleep for a good solid 2 hours. well, today was different.

I decided that I would take her to the pool this morning about 10:45 so we could swim for an hour, come in for lunch and she would take a nap. Good plan, right? WRONG. So, we come in. We eat lunch. For like the second time EVER she ate a good lunch! After lunch is nap time. I go to lay her down,we have a rule that I will lay with her BUT if she decides to play around and not lay down she gets a warning and then is put in her own bed and the safety gate is put up at her door. She thought it would be super cool to play around and jump on mommy,trying to pull my eyelashes out(yes literally). She is warned. She keeps doing it and she is put in her room to lay down.

I go back and lay on my bed and put the monitor on and what do I hear? That obnoxious Dora the explorer bike and she is riding it around her room. OK, whatever I'll give her a few minutes and see if she lays down.A couple of minutes go by and I hear her at the gate yelling "Mom! Mommy! Soapy Poptart (this is how she says her name,Sophie Baumhardt) stinks! MOOOOMMMMMMY!" OK OK I give up, I go to see what's up.

I walk to her doorway and what do I see you ask? I see my beautiful 2 year old daughter standing in her doorway,hands/face/legs and tummy covered in poop. Holding her poopy diaper and her shorts. Poop on the carpet, Poop on the dollhouse, poop on the sheets,poop EVERYWHERE!

OK, my first thought is "Well that's a sign that we need to start potty training more consistently". Then I just kind of laugh. Nothing ever surprises me anymore! LOL! I mean, In the past 2+ years I have cleaned up more messes and changed so many poopy diapers that nothing grosses me out anymore! Before I had Sophie I would have flipped the crap out at something like that. But now, I shrug it off. I've learned that I just need to laugh about life. I cant change the present so, why let stuff bother you?

I was amazingly able to get the smell out of her room. After a load of laundry, a steam clean over the carpet and a good scrubbing of her dollhouse the remnants of the poop incident were gone and she did eventually fall asleep. Ah, tomorrow's another day.


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

I agree with the "I'd be puking" but you definitely earned your Accidental Mommy badge again!

Oh man....I think I'd have had to hose down the entire room and Sophie!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Mom's clean up poop... and mom's catch puke in their hands... that's the sign of a mom.