Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh the things we do for our children.

Sophie LOVES makeup. Everytime I have mine out she is right there sitting beside me wanting to "play makeup". So today at walmart I saw this super cute little play makeup kit on clearance for 3.97. you cant beat that, right? So, I buy it and we get home and she of course just has to try it out. We sit down,I show her what goes where and she proudly starts painting her face. She stops, she looks right at me and SCREAMS "MOMMY!!! MAKEUP FOR MOMMY! MOMMY BE PREEEETTTY." Shit. She starts doing my make up. This kid is cute, I cant turn that cute face down. And, Let me tell you, this stuff is like hot pink glitter goo that she is rubbing all over my face. I just had to show yall the finished product. She wanted her picture taken as well. She was just SO proud of herself.