Thursday, July 17, 2008

How close is to close ?

How close is to close in realavance to your in-laws? The occasional stop at their house to allow them to "oohhh" and "aahh" over your children? Only on holidays?
Personally,I try to avoid my mother in law like the plague and hope that one day she wil regain her sanity and realize that life isnt a circus owned and operated by her friends xanax and vicodin.
My mother in law do I put this delicately...Out of her damn mind(ok there was really no nice way to say that!) I have been married to her son going on 4 years now,we have a beautiful daughter and we try to live our lives. Unfortunately we have HER constantly trying to be "more involved".
ok,Ok I understand,Sophie was her first grandchild.But does that really justify trying to parent my child? NO. Does that justify calling me countless times a day to make sure she has a dry diaper or that she got in a good nap or that she ate her vegetables? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Look lady, I saw product of your parenting,I married your son. God forbid my child turn out with the slew of issues that woman has given my husband. I love him, I do,very much in fact. But, he has ISSUES(due to his psychotic mother!) Ok I got off topic, AS I was saying, I get so sick and tired of the daily "advice" I recieve from this woman.I should staple a big "no solicitors allowed" sign to my forehead.
Please tell me Im not alone!? How do you relate with your inlaws?


PrimaCraftyMomma said...

You are not alone in your MIL woes Heather! Take comfort in the fact that many other women are being tortured by their MILs as well. LOL

Karyn with a Y said...

LMAO! Heather, that is a funny post. Have you ever gone off on her? You don't think she will see you blog, do you??!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately I have an amazing relationship with my in-laws and believe me after some of the stories I've heard I feel very fortunate.

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Mine are pretty ok too. They have their moments but overall I look forward to seeing them!

JLT6907 said...

Well unfortunately I don't have a mil so I can't relate to you on that but my sil could pass for my mil. She's so nosey! But I don't take it to heart. I'm a parent as well and ill do it my way! Lol