Monday, July 21, 2008

Has anyone seen my mind?! I seem to have lost it!

In baseball its 3 Strikes your out, right? OK, so what is it when your a parent?
I have had my fair share of "accidental moments" lately. And,well,I just keep on racking em up! Let me tell you, I have 3 stories to tell of my accidental mommy moments. feel free to laugh at me, I laughed at myself! :)

So yesterday I took Sophia to the grocery store with me. My DH thinks it's cool to text me every 5 minutes while I'm there with "Oh we need this" blah blah. so, anyways, I was doing the smart thing and trying to push my full cart with one hand and text message with the other. All of a sudden "SLAM!" I run RIGHT in to the cooler that holds the melons and cherries. Sophie was eating a dum dum sucker BC that's the only way she'll behave in the store( Yes I bribe my child with candy at the grocery store) and when I slammed into the cooler she dropped it. She FREEEAKS out BC she was loving that sucker. So here I am frantically searching my purse for another sucker and she is pitching a huge fit.Yeah, I didn't find anymore suckers either.

AND THEN today her first therapy ran long and I was in a big hurry trying to get her in the car to go to her next therapist. Well I get her in the car and after about 2 blocks or so of driving I hear "UH OH MAMA!" I turn to look and OMG! I forgot to BUCKLE HER CAR SEAT!!! Seriously, WHO DOES THAT! Granted it was 2 blocks but STILL. I am SO glad that she knew to say something! I felt so bad.

I saved the best for last. This afternoon I was catching up on a Mom Bloggers forum that I belong to as Sophie was playing about 5 feet away. I'm typing away and I hear this noise... I look beside me, Sophie is not there. I walk to the hallway and totally caught her making a mural on my wall with a pen. She KNEW she wasn't supposed to be doing that. LMFAO, she looked real surprised and she STUCK THE PEN IN HER SHIRT! Oh, and did I mention she drew on 2 spots?! She looks innocent, doesn't she!


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

The seatbelt thing scares the you-know-what out of me. I am so paranoid about forgetting, I always double check, especially now that my son does it himself.

They say things happen in 3's, so you are due for a break. Oh, and I'm thinking of awarding an "I had an Accidental Mommy Moment" t-shirt in a giveaway for the best story, so hold back and save one for when I run that giveaway.

You might win that one...hehe