Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oops, I did it again!

I have this thing with cell phones. I drop them. I leave them at walmart. I have even washed one in the washing machine. My current phone is a Blackberry 8130, My phone is my MUST have accessory. Seriously, my life would fall apart without it. It is my scheduler,my contact storage,My camera,My on the go internet, I could go on.

2 months ago Blackberry #1 had an unfortunate incident with a can of coke. She drown.God rest her soul.Thank God for insurance. I got my new phone in the mail(3 days later.Seriously do you know how much I depend on this thing?) Send the old one back, all is good again. fast forward to about an hour ago.

My husband and I go to the deck to relax in the rare cool July night and I set my phone on the chair next to me. My hand is wet. SHIT! I set my phone in a puddle of water! HHEELLOO Heather! It poured rain 3/4 of the day today! i am a genius,let me tell you. I frantically retrieve my phone, run inside and rip the back off. I guess the phone Gods were looking out for me BC only the camera part got wet. I got smart after the incident with #1 and bought a cover for it. #2 is resting now. I think she will be ok but i took the battery out and I am leaving the back exposed to let anything that may have gotten wet dry.

Think good thoughts. 2 replaced phones in a four week span is just silly.


Andrea said...

Yeah, you have some sort of cell phone bad kevorka. Between you and your daughter, it seems like every month something happens to your phone. I hope you get the insurance on them. Does that even help get them replaced when they get dunked in water? They should make a waterproof case to keep it in, like the ones you can store pacis in. LOL