Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swine flu, pneumonia and insomnia OH MY

Damn. That is about all Ive got to say about the past 3ish weeks of my life. FIRST I like all of a sudden get sick as all hell and go to the ER on a Wednesday only to find out I swabbed positive for H1N1 and chest Xray was positive for pneumonia. WOOT. Then Thursday little bit started feeling yucky so I took her in (sporting my sexy as hell cootie mask I was required to wear) and SHE swabs positive for H1N1. Fuck me. Soo we spend all of Thursday and Friday feeling like death with fevers no lower than 102 and feeling as if I was run over by a train. Come Saturday my breathing was so bad that I decided to drive MYSELF back to the hospital and hope that they would give me a nebulizer or SOMETHING but instead the ass cracks decided to admit me. I was there through Tuesday. Long story short, Sophia is fever free and feeling great. I am fever free and just trying to get rid of the end of this cough but other than that feeling MUCH better. Damn you to hell swine flu.

SO other than coming down with the worst case of the flu like EVER I have had quite an eventful month. The divorce as you all know is final, thank the good Lord! Although that psycho POS still thinks I am like his BFF or whatever, but...yeah not so much. Suck a fat one buddy I'm pretty much just over your BS.

That pretty much sums up the extent of this past few weeks of my life. Don't be jealous you know you wish it was all you am I right? HA.

Until next time my loves.


jessilynn said...

Not sure what the date of that post was but sure am glad to hear you and your child are doing better. Poor girl! The worst I have ever had was a bad case of pneumonia that made me feel like I was seriously gonna die so I feel for you. I still haven't even gone to get a flu shot yet but after reading your post makes me more motivated to get off my butt and go do it! Take care!

Tiago said...

I hate when I have fever, is the worse thing. I remember once I was in an buenos aires rent, very far from my family or any beloved, and I ate something that made me sick. A terrible experience being alone and very sick, without being able of speak the local language or knowing who ask for help. Fortunately the medic system in Argentina is free an open for absolutely everyone, and most doctors speack fluen english. But at first the experience was terrible!