Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do you hide behind your blog?

Ok so as Im sure most of you know, the blogosphere has been full of the dramz lately. Can I for one say IM OVER IT. I don't partake in ANY of the bullshit. But I see it happen and a friend of mine has been personally attacked by bloggers, almost on a daily basis.

Let me say this. Any woman who is shallow enough to HIDE behind a computer screen obviously needs to pick up a few hobbies BC not only is it childish, its SAD. Its sad that some people have nothing better to do with their time than to devote their day to TRYING to make someone miserable, personally attacking and downright stalking them. I get so damn sick of reading a blog that, although no names are mentioned, downright bashes someone. I get sick of hopping on Twitter to see what my bloggy buddies are up to and I see nothing but straight bitchiness and hateful comments.

COME ON. We are grown ass women here. I may not be involoved in this shit but Ive spent the week watching a good friend of mine be personally attacked and talked shit on all over the net and its RIDICULOUS.

Trisha, I know you, I know you arent letting this shit get to you. Keep your head up mama! Oh and by the way, I totally voted for you ;)



Jess said...


You've been tagged here, http://www.ruggratsx2.com/2008/11/i-rock-because.html

Toni said...

I totally agree!

I am tired of the drama, I think it's good to vent on your blog personally that is what they are there for but never name names, I have done that in the past with Kristin and for that I am sorry.

I think people should not be afraid to post the going on in their lives and share their feelings, there is a big difference between that and bashing someone I think.

It is downright rude to bash another person and I have seen a lot of it going on and it is petty and sad. I have seen blogs that bash and seen blogs that just talk about how they feel on whatever is going on in their life and there is a difference.

The only thing we can do is stand above it right, and have peace in the blog world.

Those my thoughts :)

2TooManyHats said...

Yep, we gotta stick together not be catty and hurtful. There is room for all of us in the blogosphere.

sarah said...

You know what I've learned...some people have such miserable and sad lives that they strive to bring others down with them and I see this happen on the internet a LOT. People who hide behind the internet are shallow people who get lots of pleasure from making another person feel miserable. I just leave that up to karma and I've seen it hit those idiots right back! So chin up...:-)