Friday, August 29, 2008

Do you believe in the paranormal?

You know, ghosts/spirits? I never used to. Until I met my husband. He is,as I call him...A big geek. He has always been really in to the show Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel. When I first saw the show I was all "Pfft! Please, that is SO not real" BUT if you sit down and really watch the show you'll slowly become a believer.

So what made me even think of this you ask? Last Saturday Sophie was in her room playing and I happened to be walking down and heard her talking in her room. She was saying "Hi,guy! Pet my ca ca(cat) please. Plesae guy." So I Look in her room. nothing, nada. she was standing there staring at the corner of the room talking to something/someone.

Fast forward to yesterday. Bill was home from a half day and was laying Sophie down for her nap. Im in the kitchen cleaning up from lunch when he yells "uh, honey, come here please, NOW!" I run in there and again, Sophie is looking at the corner and he said that she was talking to whom she was calling "guy". *shiver* NOTE: I did not tell Bill what had happened the saturday before in her bedroom.

So. Is there some sort of paranormal activity going on here or just a vivid toddler imagination? either way Im creeped out!



Kat Olivares said...

Some say little kids are better at doing this... but as they grow older around 8 or 9, they stop because they've learned they shouldn't.

My kid used to say he "sees" my dad (coincidentally whenever he was sick).

We'll never know...