Wednesday, July 9, 2008

now you see it, now you dont

It will never cease to amaze me how quickly Sophie can get in to things. This morning while I stepped away for not 2 minutes to put a load of clothes into the washer she somehow found a crayon(dark green non the less,Why cant it ever be a white crayon? or even yellow?) and created a beautiful masterpiece on the front door. Now here is the funny part. I walk down the hallway and see her back. She turns around and gives me this huge innocent grin. I look at the door. She has taken about 7 magnets off of the refrigerator and attempted to cover the green mural with them. TOO FUNNY. How did she come up with this concept? Thank God for the magic eraser. Your a good man Mr. Clean.


~Gabby Chick~ said...

it's amazing how fast they are, isn't it?? some days i seriously cannot keep up w/ my's ridiculous. LMAO