Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just an Introduction

Do you ever go to fill out an introduction or and "about me" section and you just sit there blankly staring at the screen? This is me right now. I mean Ive known me for 23 years. I ought to know all about me. So that being said Ill just jump right in there.
I am 23 and I live in Saint louis,MO. with my husband,Bill and my daughter Sophia. I am a SAHM and love every second of it. Bill is an "electrical technician" for a company that services and repairs arcade and bartop games. So, pretty much "electrical technician" consists of several rigorous hours of video game playing to "test" the games function. Sophie is 2. She is my world! Sophie has had a long year of medical problems that we are finally getting to the root of. our final diagnosis' recieved are 'periventricular Leukomalacia'(say that 5 times fast) and 'Smith-Magenis" Syndrome. I will give 10 dollars to anyone who can tell me what ONE of those is? Any takers? LOL. Ill give you the short version that isnt full of the medical lingo and jarble that makes you go "huh?" Periventricular Leukomalacia(PVL) Is a form of brain of brain damage in which the white matter in the brain dies. Smith-Magenis Syndrome is a very rare chromosomal disorder that is caused my the partial deletion of chromosome #17. the results of theses are seizures,sensory processing disorder and behavioral problems(once diagnosed as autism but we are getting a second opinion on this)
My blog is going to focus on the up and downs of being a stay at home mother of a special needs child. Im looking for an outlet to vent,to share and to just GET IT OUT.
So, join me on my journey. the good the bad and the utterly hilarious.