Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mom Agenda- A review

Sophia and I are busy girls. Especially now that I am working 40+ hours a week. I constantly have so much going on that I am surprised that my head is not spinning around. I rely on complete organization to keep my days chaos free.

I recently heard about the site Mom Agenda. Mom Agenda makes these amazingly convienent day planners that have special features that your everyday *normal* agenda would have.
Here are just SOME of the features that these planners have:

·Unique day-on-a-page format with space for mom and up to four children. Features monthly views too.
·13-month academic calendar runs from August 2008 through August 2009.
·Features the momEssentials address book that can be removed and reused from year to year.
· favorite websites section
·space for notes on books, movies, fashion, and music, vacation and party planning pages, and more.
·The momEssentials pamphlet comes with space not just for addresses, but also for adults' and kids' medical information, birthdays, websites and passwords, and more.

Mom Agenda was generous enough to send me one of their mini daily planners for review and I was impressed to say the least. Actually, I loved it before I even opened it. I loved that it was GIRLY!I received the daily mini in LIME it wasnt your average brown/black that some day planners come in. I really like that the cover is STAIN RESISTANT and any mom knows that spills and stains happen. Its nice to know that stains WONT happen on my new Mom Agenda planner! There are also 2 silk ribbons attached that act as page markers, its awesome to not have to flip through to find the current week or day. I loved the area to write in your childrens activities and appointments. With Sophies schedule consisting of 5 therapies in 5 days with Dr appointments added in,Its nice to have those appointments in their own category.

I definitely recommend Mom Agenda to any mom that needs some organization in her life. Mom Agenda has been featured in magazines like Parents and Family Circle and with celebrity fans like Rachel Zoe and Felicty Huffman Mom Agenda definitely gets several mom thumbs up!

You can order your Mom Agenda online here or you can go here and search for a store in your state that carries Mom Agenda.



Moriah said...

Oh this is great I am a mom of 4 and I definitely need an organizer I can bring around with me. THANKS for the review!