Monday, December 8, 2008

Jingle Bell Blog Party Day #7- Dapper Snappers. A review and giveaway CLOSED

Yall I cannot WAIT to tell you about this awesome, innovative product! Since we received Dapper Snappers from Toddler Tech USA in the mail I have been raving about them!

My 2 and a half year old Sophie is very tall and skinny. She is 38.5" Tall(^95%) and Weighs 28lbs(30%) so as you could imagine, finding pants that fit her is impossible. If they fit in the wait, they are half way up her shins. If they are the correct length, they don't stay up. Ive bought several different belts and tried the adjustable wait pants, nothing worked. And then I heard about Dapper Snappers!

Dapper Snappers are such a simple yet BRILLIANT invention that all moms with saggy pants kiddos need to know about! A dapper snapper is a piece of elastic that is placed through the back three belt loops of a pair of pants that has buttons on it. The buttons on the elastic allow you to adjust your childs pants up to TWO PANT SIZES! Therefore allowing your childs pants to.....Wait for it.....Stay up! No more saggy pants here! I was impressed.

Please excuse my half naked child running, trying to avoid the paparazzi.

Before. Look at how big they are in her waist! And Look how they sag!

After! The difference is amazing!!

I have one black dapper snapper with celestial snaps to giveaway to the mommy of a saggy pants kiddo!

Entry is simple. Visit Toddler Tech USA and tell me which is your favorite snapcessory. post a link to your favorite in the comments.

Additional Entries:
-Blog about this contest
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-Carry my button on your sidebar

For an additional 10 entries post a link to a picture of your saggy pants kiddo! Post 10 separate comments. Each comment counts as one entry.

Entries Accepted through December 17th. winner will be chosen using and announced on December 18th



Izzy 'N Emmy said...

What a great idea! I think my Izzy would benefit from these very much! She's always showing a little "baby crack" when she's playing! After she was potty trained, all of her pants didn't seem to stay up very well. I've gotten her a couple of belts but they aren't working out so well.
My favorite is the cupcakes!!

Thanks for the opportunity.

sunnymum said...

I think the Monkey Snapcessory is a hoot! My skinny dd could really use these. We've been mainly sticking to elasticized waistbands, but it would be nice for her to wear "real" pants more often.

JLT6907 said...
the teal butterfly snapcessory! soooo cute!

Malaika said...

What a great idea! My favorite is the butterfly, it´s beautiful:;jsessionid=099FC9242E6EE7F5DF70CD1278B17207.qscstrfrnt04?categoryId=4&productId=34

Jayme said...

i like the soccer ball for my nephew. he loves balls!!;jsessionid=25C59CA2414195E2BA396ECE30C13897.qscstrfrnt04?categoryId=4&productId=30


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

I blogged about this contest.

Anonymous said...;jsessionid=090548C4828CD8C78066FB1280714C15.qscstrfrnt01?categoryId=4&productId=31


kdkdkd said...

This is SUCH a great idea! What a useful product. I love the Leather Football Snapcessory

Scrapzilla said...

I am glad my child isn't the only one running around with her pants slipping. Great product. Little one likes the monkey.

Suzie G. said...

Way neat! My daughter could have used these when she was smaller. It was difficult finding pants to hit her. My son is 10 months old and this will come in handy for him soon! He's on the thin side like his sister. I like the new brown flower snapcessory the most.

Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I like the Butterfly, my little one is a skinnie minnie too!


memetu said...

THE ORIGINAL Royal Blue band with Antique Silver caps and Smoke components.I am sure my selectivity will expand once I try these out.
Some of the fashion pants of teenage boys need something like this.

Tammy said...

The Green and Brown Cupcake! I know what it's like, I'm constantly pulling my daughter's pants up!