Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Secret Mountain book review

I recently had the opportunity to review three books from the Secret Mountain publishing group. The books I received to review were Dream Songs Night Songs From Belgium to Brazil, Down at the Sea Hotel and A Duck in New York City Each book is accompanied by a CD that compliments the story.

Dream Songs Night Songs From Belgium to Brazil
This is the first book we read of the three. What I liked about this book is that the music CD is very relaxing and would be ideal for bedtime relaxation. What I did not like about the book was that I found there to be no real story line and I was unable to hold Sophie's attention while reading this. I felt the story was very sporadic and I did not quite understand what I was reading. I did like some of the bright illustrations in this book. Some of the illustrations were are little bit advanced and seemed to be metaphorical but some were very cute and well drawn.

Would I recommend this book? Most likely, no

Down at the Sea Hotel
Sophie seemed to enjoy this book. It is a relaxing bedtime story with an enjoyable CD to go along featuring singers like Billy Joel, Don Henley and Guy Davis. The bright illustrations really drew Sophie's attention and we enjoyed talking about each picture.

Would I recommend this book? Probably

A Duck in New York City
LOVED this book. This was BY FAR our favorite of the three and has become a daily read at our house. This book is about a small duck who makes his journey to New York City to fulfil his dreams of dancing on Broadway. The illustrations are outstanding and the fun story line had Sophie's undivided attention and begging to read it again.

Would I recommend this book? ABSOLUTELY!

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2TooManyHats said...

I wish I had littles to read these with, but I always appreciate gift ideas for the littles on our list.