Monday, November 10, 2008


I'd like to let everyone know about a fantastic charity happening at Macy's right now! In light of the Holiday season Macy's has started the Macys Believe Campaign.

Being as this is the busiest shopping season of the year you will most likely find yourself at the mall. Macy's is giving your child the opportunity to write and send a letter to none other than SANTA CLAUSE himself! Outside of every Macy's department store there are special Santa letter boxes set up where you or your child can drop the letter. for EVERY letter recieved, Macy's will be donating $1 to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

The Macy's believe meter will measure America's belief, based on our collective spirits.

SO go, tell all your friends about this amazing cause and get your letters dropped off. Tis the season for giving so lets all give our $1 letters to The Make-A-Wish foundation.



Randall said...

Great post! The Make a Wish Foundation is a wonderful organization. They gave my nephew a computer. My nephew is one of those lucky children who survived his bout with cancer. Actually, he isn't even a child anymore.

Anonymous said...

What a cool thing! My kids will love to do this. I think we will do it today :-)