Monday, October 6, 2008

There is nothing good on TV at 3am

T'was the night before Monday and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring....Except for Sophie.

3am. I am snuggled warm and cozy in my bed when..."Mommmyyy!!! WAKE UP! Wake up mommy, Sophie needs to eat!" *SIGH* so I roll my frumpy, half asleep butt out of bed and hobble wobble down the hallway in to the kitchen. Sophie was already browsing the pantry. Heres how the conversation went:

Me: What would you like to eat Sophia?
Sophie: Cookies
Me: No dear. It is the middle of the night I am not giving you cookies. What else would you like?
Sophie: Chocolate cookies.
Me: Sophia.. Mommy said no cookies. You may have waffles,cereal or a special K bar.
Sophie: I want goldfish.
Me: Fine.

Yes, I fed my daughter Goldfish crackers at 3am. I do not think she will be adversely affected by this.

So, I get her situated on her Dora couch, I lay on the couch with my pillow and I flip the TV on. Infomercials,nope. Full house, Nah. Some bizarre anime crap, No thanks. Lilo and Stitch, Score. So we relax in our little spots and start watching lilo and stitch. I remember, it was 3:19am bc I had looked to see how much longer the show was one. Next thing I know the second episode of Lilo and Stitch was on. It was 3:37 and my daughter was sitting on me. Diaper less. Oh my hell. I find her pants. They were dry. Didnt see any immediate pee spots so we were good. I thought.

I go to get her a glass of milk and I.Step.In.A.Huge.Puddle.Of.Pee. omg uggh. no. yuck. Im not even wearing socks!!!!!

I just had to laugh. I was to damn tired to care.


JLT6907 said...

hahahaha you poor thing! stepping in a puddle of pee in the middle of the night is a huge eye opener! BUT at least she didnt pee on the couch or carpet, lol. The things you go thru...

Allison said...

Awww... My oldest would wake up at 2 am to play. Thank goodness hubby is a night owl and would play with her!

I remember my fair share of pee puddles... never fun!