Monday, October 27, 2008

Bella Sara Baby Bella Trading Cards-A review.

Product overview:
Bella Sara is the most successful trading card game ever developed for young girls. Featuring a whimsical horse on every card, Bella Sara offers positive and inspirational play.
But these are no ordinary trading cards. Each card comes with a code in which you are able to enter online at and bring these beautiful horses to life. Featuring interactive stables,games,puzzles and more this website is sure to offer hours of fun while at the same time offering inspirational,meaningful messages and imagination-building play.

So what did we think of Bella Sara?
I'll admit, when I received these cards I was quite skeptical. Sophia is just under 3years old and I was convinced she would do nothing but rip up or color on these cards.

Boy, Was I wrong. From the moment I opened the package Sophia was entranced by the beautiful images on the cards, Asking me to tell her the name of each one. When I opened the website and started around Sophie climbed right up in my lap and was excited to discover the fun features that the site has to offer. We have spent a minimum of 20 minutes on the Bella Sara site each day since We've received them and she is still equally amazed each time we sit down to play.

Would I purchase Bella Sara cards in the future?
Definitely. I plan to purchase more of them soon!

Bella Sara is celebrating their new Baby Bella line, featuring a total of 129 new cards, by holding an online birthday party! Join Bella Sara beginning November 6 for this 10 day promotion where fun new features will be revealed!



shannon said...

This is useful! Emma's school just started a trading club at lunch hour and she wanted Pokemon cards ... but they're just so icky, I think. Maybe she'd be into these. Can you only get them from the site?

Susanna said...

Thanks for the heads up on these, Christmas is coming and I always need good ideas.