Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's the boiling point of brain?

I swear my brain has melted this week. Like twice today did I have to stop and think about what day it was. Im assuming it has something to do with the fact that Sophie has woken up at 2:30am everyday this week.No, wait, she woke up at 6 today. I remember BC the sun was already up(which I am not used to!) Or maybe it is the fact that so much bad shit has happened that Im pretty amazed I havent run off to complete seclusion to wallow. They say bad things happen in threes? Hahahah. No.

I've also come across my share of dumb ass weird people. Like, today in Kmart(Have you been to Kmart since Sears bought them out? Its NICE!) My total was $16.79 I give the lady $22.00 She looked at me as if I had testicles hanging from my chin and she hands my two dollars back and says "Here, It was only $16.79" :::Insert eye roll here::: No shit genius. I know you have to be at least 16 to work here and this is like 5th grade math. So I say "Mmmmhmmm and keep the 2 ones and I will get $5.21 back" She still seemed confused until she entered the amount I gave and :gasp: realized it DID make sense.

And THEN we were at the park and there was this guy and his 2 kids. Kids were about,eh, 1-ish and 4-ish. The 4-ish year old was riding in the stroller. But get this, the 1-ish year old was laying down on the canopy. Yes, the canopy. The part that opens over the stroller. There are a few things wrong with this picture. #1 why cant the 4-ish year old walk? I know damn well that childs legs were functional. #2 Why in THE HELL would you even ASSUME that laying your infant daughter on the rickety ol' canopy of your busted ass stroller is appropriate? #3 Obviously Joe Schmoe is a complete shit for brains imbecile so Im wondering what mommy was thinking when she left them in his care. Ok ok maybe he was just stupid for a minute but I mean, come ON.

Those are just a couple of acts of stupidity that Ive witnessed this week. I swear either people are getting dumber or Im getting smarter.

So, Ive been busy as crap these past couple of weeks. Sophie has had alot of appointments, We've all been sick and Im just to damn tired at the end of the day to even function. But, Im hoping things start to calm down here soon and I will be able to post more often than daily meme's



JLT6907 said...

i hope everything calms down for ya as well. and omg, what was that guy thinking?? that IS just stupid. What if the baby woulda fell off?! ugh!

Jess said...

HUGS I hope everything calms down and back to somewhat a normal stay that you had it before.

love the layout. I really think you've found something that u have an eye for, Heather. WTG

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Oh brother! The baby on the canopy???? Jeez...

Sorry to hear everything has been so stressful. I hope it gets better soon. BTW, I entered the Combi Stroller giveaway at Momdot for you. I said if I win I will give it to you. After reading your entry, I decided you should win. Too bad I'm not picking the winner, hehe.