Monday, September 22, 2008


The girls over at momdot are at it again! they are giving away THIS

Valued at $119 this Combi Cosmo DX Stroller is sure to be the talk of the playground. And with features like these:

-Lightweight and portable lifestyle stroller
-Compatible with the Combi Shuttle Infant Seat
-Breathable air mesh seat cushion for child’s comfort
-Quick and simple tri-fold
-Opens easily with one hand
-Deep recline will accommodate an infant
-Stylish European canopy with designer lining
-Removable cup holder
-Basket with easy access
-Convenient carrying strap for traveling
-5-Point harness with comfort pads
-Removable, washable padded seat cushion
-Removable guardrail with washable fabric cover
-Front swivel wheels for easy maneuvering
-All-wheel suspension system for a smooth and restful ride
-Integrated infant boot
-Convenient footrest for toddler comfort
-Weight: 12.9 lbs
-Open Dimensions : 40.25” x 19.5” x 32”
-Close Dimensions: 37.5” x 17” x 15”
-Carrying Capacity: 55 lbs
this sroller is stylish AND sensible!

I need this stroller. I NEEEED it. Why, you ask? Well let me tell you. Sophie is a major bear without her morning walk. She loves to just lay back in her stroller and enjoy the fresh air. That isnt even posible anymore in our current stroller! the shocks or whatever you call them are busted and the poor thing bounces around like a mo' fo' not to mention the canopy on the stroller is broken so the poor child has to endure the sun in her eyes!!!!

so head over here through Oct 2 and get your Entry in now(Well,maybe not bc I need this!) im kiding! go!!! Cmon GO!



Sandy & Rick said...

Alright I have a question, I have been trying to click on different Momdot links and it always has a screen that pops up and tells me that it is forbidden... Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a site you have to be invited too? I wonder if it is somethign with a spam blocker or something? Am I the only one who has this problem?
Many Thanks