Monday, September 8, 2008

I've been a sucky blogger this week

Busy busy week over on my end. I have been up since 2am and it is now 10:15pm so I think I'm experiencing a bit of ADD so this post shall be quite random, Mmmmk?

OK so last week Sophie was back at the doctor a whopping 3 times. Took her in on Saturday for poison ivy on her eye. She had been telling me the previous few days that her "pee pee hurted" so I mentioned that to the doc and she said she wanted to swab her for strep "just in case" Pffft, Whatev. I was quite sure she didn't have strep. I mean, she hadn't been complaining of a sore throat. But, yeah, she totally did. Awesome. Rx of Zithromax and some cream for the poison ivy and we're off.

Monday, we are at the ER for chronic constipation. Belly Xray showed she was....Well...She was full of shit, just like her daddy. Upped her meds and we were good to go.

Wednesday....oh Wednesday was a long ass day,let me tell you. She woke up at 5am. No nap. REFUSED a nap. to bed at 8ish. Awake 5 minutes later having a seizure. Loses Consciousness and we are once again off to the ER, in a fucking monsoon might I add. We get there. We see doctors. We wait. Wait some more and they want to transfer her BC her BP was sky high and they weren't equipped to perform the evaluation she needed. We wait for the transfer team. we arrive at the second hospital at 3ish AM. Sophie FINALLY fell asleep on the way to hospital #2. So just to re-cap she was awake from 5am to 3am. Long story short, she was evaluated, screened, poked and prodded and eventually sent home. We got home at 7ish AM. So, another re-cap, I was awake from 5am wed to 8am thurs. Super. We slept like all day Thursday. It was NICE.

Saturday we went downtown for some fun. first we went to the gateway Arch for a fire truck rally. They had Fire depts. from all over Missouri with their trucks lined up and down the riverfront available for kids to play on. It was a BLAST. Then we went over to the Hispanic festival for some salsa dancing and some REAL food. Anyone who thinks frickin Taco Bell is REAL Hispanic food neeeds a swift kick to the arse. I so look forward to this every year BC it is THE ONLY time I can have REAL Mexican food unless My mom, myself or my gramma makes it. YUM-O Sopes,tamales,empanadas...OH MY! here are a few pics of our day


Yasmine said...

Im sorry you had a rough week! there is no feeling worse than knowing your child isnt feeling well :( i hope your daughter is doing better!
it looks like it brightened up for you on the weekend :)

AudreyO said...

Hi, I'm Audrey. I found your blog from the blog trip carnival. Hope your daughter is feeling better. What a week you had. Sometimes doctors are so helpful and sometimes you just want to strangle them.

Anonymous said...

Wow you always seem to be going through so much. I'm sorry.

Looks like Sophie had a great time with the fire truck though.

Tiffiney said...

Wow and I thought my week was going rough!! I am sorry you are having such a time this week. Hope things get allot better for you soon! You child is so cute! :) BTW found you on mommyranks