Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Im going on a trip! Day 3

Hey Yall happy Wednesday! Mmmmm Today is the day I take you around St. Louis and show you the hot spots to eat! And the not so hot!

Lets start off and have a little Italian Shall we? There is a small italian town in St louis that we LOVE to go to.It is called "the Hill. One of my favorite restaurants to go to on the Hill is Lorenzos Trattoria I get the grilled chicken spedini. Yumm-o!

Next, Lets head over to the historic town of Soulard. Whenever Bill and I go to a Cardinals Baseball game it is TRADITION that we go to Hammerstones. Hammerstones is a VERY small, hole in the wall bar/grill that has a German background. My absolute favorite thing to get their is a Strawberry Daquiri and an order of chicken strips. they bread their chicken strips in cornflakes and OMG are they yumm.

Well, I think that was a pretty good tour of a couple good eating spots around here. I hope yall enjoyed!



Robin said...

Great blog. Saw you on the blog trip. Hope you will come over and check out my blogs too. Keep up the good work:)