Monday, September 29, 2008

I couldnt even believe I did this! *Accidental Mommy Moment*

So we get up Saturday morning,I had our entire day planned. We were going to head to the church fall festival for a few hours and play then I was going to run a few errands ant stop my in laws to pick up something MIL had bought for Sophie

ANYWAYS, We park at the church, I get Sophie out of the car. I thought she had moved to the back end of the car to her parking pal but apparently she didn't. So i shut the front door, then swing the back door shut.....and freaking whacked the poor thing in the back of the head with the heavy ass door. OMG! I felt SO SO SO SO bad. I immediately started crying, I picked her up and just cuddled her while she cried. not only did I hit her with the door but it knocked her flat on her face! *Sigh* I cried harder and longer than she did and luckily there wasnt even a bruise. Just a very small bump.

I would like to add that as I was typing out this post I heard a spill in the kitchen. Sophie got in to the pantry and got out the lucky charms. She got out a bowl and took the bag out of the cereal box and dumped the entire thing out into the bowl. which of course like a fraction of it actually made it in to the bowl. So I am now going to clean up cereal off of my floor. Maybe she was getting revenge for whackin' her in the head...



Minxy Mimi said...

Uh Oh!!!
Poor Sophie.
My poor boys are always getting tripped up by me and its so sad when they cry.

JLT6907 said...

Poor girl!!! I'm glad she's ok tho. And poor you. I probably woulda started cryin too.

Hattie said...

I totally understand! I spent all weekend rubbing and kissing my 3yr old's head. He has now become tall enough to run into all the door knobs in the house! One of those times was my fault b/c I shut the door while he was walking into the room after me! I didn't know he was there so I felt so guilty too!

Rachel said...

Awwww --- poor Sophie and Poor Mommy!!! It always seems worse when it's a "mommy accident!"