Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I actually did it!!

I started my diet and workout routine about 2 weeks ago and I have to say that Ive been struggling. I have been eating somewhat healthier but I know I ha vent been committed. Well, today after the day from hell a very stressful day I spontaneously decided to go for a run. I haven't ran in 5 years. 5 years ago I was a workout fiend and ran 7 days a week,sometimes twice a day. But I completely fell out of my healthier habits.

So, I decided to run the perimeter of our apartment complex,which is just over a mile. I ran it FIVE times. Not only did I run,I wore a sauna suit! then I had on sweat pants and a tee shirt and hooded sweatshirt. I sweated, A LOT. I felt GREAT. I was so rejuvenated and relaxed,completely de stressed. I came home and did 75 crunches and 50 half push ups. It felt awesome. I cant wait to do it again tomorrow night!!! Although I can feel my muscles tightening. I have already taken 3 ibuprofen as I know I'm going to wake up sore tomorrow!!

Oh and another proud moment for me, I ha vent had a soda in 5 days. To some that may be nothing but that's a lot for me!!



Rebecca said...

Congrats on your acheivement, I am starting my diet/exercise plan in a few weeks. I know it sounds like putting it off, but I am emptying my house of all bad foods, by eatting it now, that way it won't be around tempting me later :P Actually it's not really a diet more of a life style change for everyone :D

I would kill to be able to run 5 miles after not doing it for awhile, but I will get there :D

Good luck on reaching your goals.

I also will be blogging about my lifestyle change so I will have a lot of people keeping me accountable :P