Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 parts soup / 0 parts water

Sophie and I were having our daily power struggle this afternoon and after about eh.......45 minutes of her refusing foods then agreeing to eat them so I cook them and she once again refuses them she finally agreed to eat Campbells chicken double noodle soup. Ok, fine. Not my first choice for her but its food and its easy.

I get her soup made and sit down with her at the table only to hear "mama, its yucky. Soup is yucky mama." ugggh. Again. Again she is refusing to eat what I made her. Or is she?

She kept insisting it was yucky so I tasted it. Whoa. Yeah, it definitely tasted like greasy chicken ass. Hmmm. So I look at the can. Doesn't expire until 2010. So what the hell?

Well, while I was examining the can something catches my eye 'mix soup + 1 can water' Shit! I didn't add the water. So, essentially I tried feeding my child concentrated broth. Neat.

I swear some days I actually have to look in the mirror to make sure my head is still attached.



The Winbiglers said...

Sssshhhh don't tell anyone, but it had been so long since I used any kind of condensed soup that when I starting feeding that to my son I forgot to mix in the water. LOL He liked it though, weird kid.