Thursday, September 11, 2008

09/11/2001 - We will never forget

Where were you at 8:45am EST on September 11,2001? I was sleeping. Awoken by a phone call from my terrified mother I flipped on the television to see The most horrific tragedy America has seen unfold before my eyes. As is these people and their families hadn't suffered enough, at 9:03am EST flight 175 struck the second tower. September 11th will forever be a day of remembrance. A day to honor those who we lost. To honor those who risked their lives to rescue others. Today is a sad day. Many hearts across the country are heavy. Yet today is a day to celebrate. Celebrate that United we still stand. We will not forget.

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Parker Family said...

I agree, we will never forget. I shared my experience at

Andrea said...

That is one of the more emotional videos I have watched. Anytime they have sound from the streets and the news and the 911 calls, OMG it makes me tear up and feel like I am back in my apt. that evening watching it all unfold on the news over and over.

JLT6907 said...

America will never's a day in history! i was on my way to work when the first plane struck the north tower and i thought it was just an accident. after i got to work and the second plane hit, i knew we were at war...i was sent home from work that day. it was just a very very sad day!