Thursday, August 14, 2008

wow I am on a roll.

This evening I put Sophie to sleep with her usual cup of ice water and went about my business. Like,2.5 hours later Bill goes in the room(She starts out the night in our bed and when we go to bed we move her) and he flops lays down on the bed....right into a huge puddle of ice water.(I actually find that tid bit quite amusing.My shirtless husband in cold cold water.PRICELESS)

He starts acting like a big girl "oh I am all wet,waaah." So,Anyways, Im trying to figure out WTF happened that the bed was soaked. "Hi,My name is Heather and I forgot to put the valve in my daughters sippy." Yeah,whoops. So I pick Sophie up so Bill can change the sheets. Poor Child is SOAKED. I mean SOAKED. In ICE WATER.

So I strip her down and carry her to her room and Bill requested a towel so open the hall closet and see that the ONLY towel in the closet is on the top shelf. So I, holding my half asleep freezing cold toddler, try grabbing the towel and pull at it and *WHAP* I knock an entire brand new 24 count mega roll package of quilted northern on her head. Nice Heather. Give the poor kid hypothermia then a cuncussion.

I swear this kid is going to need therapy...


The Mom said...

Oh i'm sorry, i've had so many of those moments you'd be shocked!

Hope your day gets better!

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

So you seriously you get another badge!

I've done the missing valve on the sippy cup thing. Funny, Jake has to go to sleep with "ice cold water" too!