Friday, August 1, 2008

Today is my 'bitch' day.

Do you ever have those days? Those "Dont talk to, look at or come near me" days. Bleh. I dont know if it is lack of sleep or stress but today is a bitch day for me. Nothing has particularly gone right. Its hot, Our AC is going out AGAIN. Sophie was a grumpy bear all day and whined about everything and anything. the endless "mommy mommy mommmmmmmmyyyyyy" got old at about 10am

I laid her down for her nap and not 30 minutes later did the maintenence crew go to the apartment above us and start ripping the deck out. it was LOUD. they woke Sophie up. TWICE. But, that isnt the clincher! They DROPPED AN 8ft LONG piece of lumber on my husbands brand new bbq grill! Lovely. So then I got to listen to my husband rant for 35 minutes about the grill(bc I asked the guy to drop the board,right?) All the while Sophie is just a shell of a two year old wandering around in desperate need of sleep.

So here I sit, after a 2 hour fight to get Sophie to bed. After 2 sippy cups to the face and an eye gauge for good measure,here I am. Is the day over yet?


Allison said...

We all have our "bitch days". Mine was yesterday! Everything was getting on my nerves. Even personalities I am fine with on a daily business were irritating. Plus my daughter was in rare form and is begining to have a mouth on her!

Minxy Mimi said...

Sorry Heather! I know how hard those days can be, and adding a sleepless toddler to the mix, is asking for trouble! I hope they will replace the grill for your hubby at least.