Sunday, September 7, 2008

BabyLove: A giveaway

I am in the midst of planning my first big giveaway! The giveaway will run September 8th-15th.

The theme of the giveaway is going to be Baby Love with lots of great prizes for your little one(and even for YOU!) I have a lot of great sponsors and fun stuff to giveaway that your arent going to want to miss! Stay Tuned for more information!!!!



Kris said...

So excited for you!

BTW, I tagged you with this meme.

NOw to work on the award you gave me

The SITS Girls said...

Welcome to the SITStahood! We are so glad to have you join us.

Email me the contest details and I will shout you out next Sunday.

See you in roll call!

Anonymous said...

Name That Chocolate Dessert Contest
September 1 - 13

First Prize: Hot Chocolate Dress from Emberlish

Second Prize: Chocolate Orange Lil Grubby Candle from The Soap Maker's Shop