Thursday, July 31, 2008

We are home!

Hey Yall! Who missed me!? Haha. Ok,so we got the seizure monitoring stay over and done with. Sophie did AMAZING. she was such a good girl about being there. We got GREAT news!! The doctor took Sophie off of her medication. He said after reviewing all of the readings and video that he is confident that her seizures are caused by a sleep disorder. he said that brain cells are supposed to work independently and that when your body has alot of stress(IE lack of sufficient sleep) that the brain cells can misfire and cross, resulting in seizure. The medicine she was on is somewhat of a sedative and he said it is probably affecting her sleeping. SO he took her off and said that we will see how she does. In a week or two we will try a new medication in hopes to completely diminish them! Thank you to everyone for your support this week!


Alicia said...

We love Sophie! I you are able to figure out more about what's going on with her!