Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lets Go Dumpster Divin'!

I dont know if its the lack of sleep, sex, sanity or a combination of the three but I have been so freaking random today! Seriously, you know when you have those moments where you do something and the minute you do it you think "Now why in the hell would I go and do something like that"? For instance, I was taking the trash out this evening. My lazy ass poor poor husband was so tired that his legs apparently went paralyzed(as did his brain).

Honestly, I took the trash out to spite him. I had asked 3 times, I even said I would help! But, no, he didn't move."whatever guy. Kiss my ass." Ok, wait I got off topic,(See,very random) Ok so here I am stomping out the door with the trash and I put my keys around my wrist with one of wrist coil keychains. I had 2 bags. I threw the first then went to throw the second.... My son of a bitch keychain got stuck to the bag and the keys flung off of my wrist into the dumpster. Oh HELL no. I aint going in to get 'em. Nh uh.

So I storm back in and tell Bill that he can either A) Take his happy ass go himself and retrieve them or B) Go to autozone and make me one of each of his keys. He went and got them.


Andrea said...

I swear Heather! Stuff like that can only happen to you. At least you can say things are never dull around your house.