Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And the adventure continues

I swear these days if it isn't one thing it's another. So, Sophia woke up yesterday and she had this massive nasty bloody nose. It was literally squirting. I get her cleaned up and all is good again. THEN last night I noticed her nose was puffy and a little bruised. So, throughout the middle of the night last night I could hear her on the monitor and she kept sniffling. Like non stop! So we get up this morning and I see that her nose is puffier and she was bruising in the corners of her eyes. Niiice. So I call the pediatrician and they were able to get her in.

Well, Good news is that it isn't broken! The doctor did, however, say that she had a septal hematoma.

Now, before I continue let me say I thought that a hematoma could only happen in your brain.

So there I was standing in the room and the minute the doctor said that I say "Oh my God! How can you even tell that! Is she going to need brain surgery!?"

No, Heather. No brain surgery. Duh. A SEPTAL(think septum) hematoma is just a collection of blood in the septum . I'm such a spaz.

So, anywho, The doctor said she needed to drain the blood out BC if you just leave it, it can cause a hole to form in the septum.

-If you don't like gross then stop reading now!-

They come in with this teeny needle and 4 nurses are holding her head whilst I hold her hands and inject some numbing stuff right inside her nose. She actually didnt do to horrible. I think everyone holding her down pissed her off more than anything. So then the doctor takes a scalpel and makes a very VERY small incision and, ill tell ya what, I have no idea how there was that much blood in her tiny nose. The cut was so small they were able to use silver nitrate to cauterize it. Then they stuffed her nostril with gauze(yeah, now she thinks its acceptable to shove paper up her nose) and she was all brand new within about 10ish minutes.

She is acting like she feels a whole lot better. Her nose is still quite a bit puffy and bruised and she is in there as I type SNORING.



JLT6907 said...

so glad its not broken. EWWWWWW on the drainage, but hopefully she's feeling a lot better.