Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What my 2 year old does while mommy is online

Now, as you may have guessed, My sophie is quite the curious one. She is forever getting in to things almost right before my eyes. She is sneaky! Well her latest endeavor came yesterday as I was...well, ok I wont deny it, I was catching up on a forum that I belong to. I was sitting here and I hear her say 'Mmm mommy,Nummy kitty mommy'. I turn around, she is eating...ready for this? CAT TREATS.Yes, thats right, she was snacking away on 'whiska lickins' crab flavored cat treats. YUMM-O. Now most would have probably freaked out but I just kind of chuckled. Sophie has had a case of rotavirus and this was the first thing in a week that she ate and didnt throw right back up. So I guess the lesson learned in all of this is to keep the cat treats on a higher shelf.
I am proud to say that this incident has earned me my first award! I had an accidental mommy moment! And I am sure I will have many,many more in the days to come. Thanks again to Kim over at * whats that smell *for offering such a fun award! BC all moms have their fair share of accidental mommy moments!!!


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

My son is 4 and tried doggy milkbones a few months ago. We tried telling him not to do that because he would get worms.

Apparently he thinks that is funny and likes worms because he talks about it all the time and then giggles!