Sunday, July 13, 2008

what are friends for?

I have always regretted not having more friends. When I was younger I had many many bad experiences with friends and my trust in people was lost. But, about 2 years ago I joined an online forum geared towards mothers and there I have met many wonderful women.these women have been my saving grace in the past year and a half as I have gone through the ups and downs of Sophias health.They have supported alot of hard decisions that I have had to make and without them I would have quite honestly lost my mind by now.
There is one woman inparticular on this forum whose kindness has always sincerely touched my heart. I have had the privlege of meeting her a few times and she is a wonderful person. Many of times she has done things that just put a smile on my face. she has sent Sophia get well presents in the hospital,shes sent her things in the mail and she sent me flowers this past week as a "lift your spirits" gift. A beautiful boquet of iris', orchids, and lilies. Everytime I pass these flowers I smile. It reminds me that I have a friend.I have friendS. Im not afraid anymore. I have learned to trust these women and they accept me for who I am and I love them for that.


JLT6907 said...

Those are very beautiful flowers! Even tho I wasnt the person to send them, but Im glad to have met you and you are a very dear friend indeed!